Admission and Code of Conduct

Admission to the Library

  1. The library is open free to MTAC participants, students and staff

  2. Library users who wish to borrow books must register with the library and obtain borrower’s cards.

  3. Valid MTAC identity cards are required at the time of registration and of borrowing books.

  4. All library cards expire after the duration of the program one is undertaking.

  5. If a patron loses his/her library card, he should notify the library as soon as possible and request a replacement.

  6. Replacement of library cards is charged a fee of 5,000/=.

  7. Library cards will be confiscated in case of an overdue charge.

  8. Library cards remain the property of the library and should be returned to the library at the time of clearance.

Admission of non MTAC staff and students

  • Non MTAC staff and participants may access the library with permission from the Librarian and at a fee that will be specified to them but without borrowing privileges.

Safety and security

  1. Bags (including computer cases), umbrellas and outdoor coats must be left at the security desk at the owner’s risk.

  2. You must present your bag, papers and/or other personal possessions for inspection if requested to do so by library or security staff.

  3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Library.

Care of the collections

  1. Food and drinks, including bottled water, sweets and gum, must not be brought into the Library.

  2. Theft, deliberate mutilation of materials or any other acts detrimental to the collections will result in the immediate withdrawal of  the Library card and a demand for reimbursement.

  3. Do not annotate, mark or otherwise deface Library materials.

  4. Use of scissors, glue, correcting fluid, paints or other substances that could be harmful to Library materials are not allowed.

  5. Please do not rest anything on top of, or against, an open book or document.

  6. Please do not place books or journals face down on any surface, or bend back their covers.

  7. Books that are not checked out must be left on the tables after use. Please do not re-shelve them.

Loan Regulations

  1. Books and Library materials may be borrowed from the library by only registered members and full time staff with Borrowers’ cards.

  2. All books except reserve and reference books may be borrowed for use out of the Library. However, special permission may be sought from the Librarian to borrow reserve books for use outside the library but for a day.

  3. MTAC participants are allowed to borrow a maximum of one book while MTAC staff can borrow a maximum of two books at a time.

  4. Books on open stacks shall be borrowed using library cards for a period of one week.

  5. The return date is indicated on the date slip at the back of each book checked out.

  6. Books may be renewed once if not reserved for another user.

  7. Borrowers’ are personally responsible for all materials borrowed on their cards, and they will be required to pay the cost of replacement for materials lost or damaged.

  8. Library books shall not be loaned out to MTAC participants during vacation.

  9. Part time facilitators may borrow books from the library only with special permission from the Librarian.

  10. All resource materials borrowed from the library should be returned on the due date that is provided.